Multi-purpose Food Centre Activities and Services
Wholesale market fruit and vegetable products

It takes place in an area of 80.000sqm and the quantity of the goods treated annually is about 160 million kg.

Time for the negotiations between buyers

Monday Wednesday and Friday from 1:30 until 12:00
Tuesday Thursday Saturday from 3:00 until 12:00

Private citizens may enter the Market of Opportunities on Tuesday and Friday from 12:30 until 19:00. Access is also permitted from 12:00 for disabled and specific categories.


Monthly membership € 15,00 (+iva 22%)
Annual membership € 140,00 (+iva 22%)

The price list is updated daily and it includes more than 500 references. For information, membership and updates exclusively regarding the Price List Service contact:, 055.43931

Storage for meat fridges

Market mainly dedicated to the terminal distribution.
It takes place in an area of 4.500sqm, equipped with functional tools for the unloading, loading and the internal handling.
Annually 4.500.000 Kg are sold. Time for the negotiations: from 6,00
Sellers: 2 wholesalers – Buyers: approx.. 150

Related structures

17 storage centres, distribution, production and conditioning (selection, wrapping, weight, labelling and grading) of fruit and vegetable products for the great distribution. 2 platforms for the Great Distribution chains supply.
Centre for the production of meat for a great distribution chain (PAM GROUP) with an area of 3.500sqm. Centres for the production of meals, with an area of 1.500sqm. Fridge-conservation for fruit and vegetables, equipped with cells of a capacity of 31.500sqm.

Sale fish department

The companies that operate within the new building, which has been active since the end of February 2005, are, at present, 2 with a total area at their disposal of approx. 1.650sqm.
Time for the negotiations: from 5,30hrs
Sellers: 2 wholesalers – Buyers: approx. 50

Who has access to the multi-purpose
centre in Florence?
- Itinerant sellers of fruit, vegetable and food
- Retail sellers of meat, fruit and vegetable, fish, public stores (bars, restaurants), hoteliersbergatori
- Wholesales sellers of fruit and vegetable, fish, meat
- Accomodating buildings (hostels, campsites), business canteens, internal outlets
- Cohabitations, Religious Communities, Barracks
- Businesses responsible for the production, conservation and transformation of the food products
- Groups of buyers, consortiums and associations
- Individual and associated producers
- Retail buyers

As authority manager of the area of the multi-purpose food centre, MERCAFIR provides for the management of the real estates, of the fruit and vegetables market, of the access supervision and of the various related services.

Main services

– Movement of goods and distributive logistics

– Transportation

– Maintenance and direction of the installations

– Access control

– Cleaning and garbage removal

– Daily sales information: price lists and sales quantitative

Access control service and reception desk

The modality and the access time for the various categories are listed on: the document TITOLI ACCESSO PRIVATI 2018


Analysis laboratory

Alpha Ecologia Srl (tel: +39 0554393233-4) E-MAIL:

Logistics services

Gruppo CFT cooperative company (tel: +39 055/428969) E-MAIL:

Free delivery services of food products

Banco Alimentare della Toscana Ass. (tel: 055/4364333) E-MAIL:

Optional services

Self-service restaurants

Price list subscription service

The service includes the updated price list to be sent daily.
For information, memberships and updates related to the service Price lists contact: , 055.43931

Wholesalers Association

A.GO.FI Associazione Grossisti Firenze (tel: 0554393235) E-MAIL:

Transportation service

CAM Autotrasporti (tel: 055/4393294 – 055/4393291) E-MAIL:

Sales service to private consumers: Mercato delle Opportunità Srl