Mercafir is the consortium company that, since 1989, manages the Multi-Purpose Food Centre in Florence, where the fruit and vegetable, flower nursery, fish and meat wholesale markets operate, together with other work and sales structures of the food chain.


The planning of the CAP started during the ‘70s, with the need, from the Municipality of Florence, to transform the historical food building of the city, due to the limited areas of the S.Ambrogio and S.Lorenzo markets, with the idea of creating an environment not only for the sale and trade of vegetables-fish-food products, but also for the treatment, packaging and control of the quality of the food.

After years of negotiations and feasibility studies, the construction started in 1982 and ended in 1987 with the delivery to the council administration.
Assigned in 1988, the management of the CAP still belongs to MERCAFIR, property of the Municipality of Florence for 59,59%.


For its 30th anniversary Mercafir wants to talk about its reality, made not only of history and tradition, but also of innovation, of complex internal activities, unknown to many citizens but most of all to the young generations.

Mercafir is not just an area for the business development, it also collect realities quite relevant from an economic point of view.

Finding new ideas for the opening towards the national and international environment is crucial, in an historical moment during which the national consumption of fruit and vegetables is rising again, together with the export, reinforcing a trend of increase of the prices and a consequent rise of the consumptions.

In these last years, food habits have changed and they have been integrated with themes related to biofood, healthyfood, which have become real criteria when choosing a product and for which Mercafir would like to become the ambassador.

Mercafir’s main goal is to share not only the traditional values but also the innovative ones, which are characteristic, and to become more and more the point of reference for the control of the food chain, of transparency, of the traceability and of the quality of the products of the productive chain; it also wants to transform itself in a real meeting point for Florence and for Tuscany. Increase its social commitment, with the food education activity and the support to the start-up of this sector.

Relaunch its Brand Identity and its Brand Awareness towards two sources, the metropolitan city and its internal professional, becoming a real mouthpiece.

Where to start from if not from the logo? Originally created by Prof. Gianfranco Ferrari in the ‘80s, the logo was inspired by the perimeter of the area that seen from above looked like a circle and that contained the fruit and vegetable market, initially made by five roads. For this reason, the first version of the logo saw 5 bars in the lower section of the circle, which represented in fact the 5 streets of the market. Through the years, in 1988, the market grew, it changed, together with the logo, which was rotated and increased in the number of bars, becoming has the one that we see today. Because of the important traditions, Mercafir maintains its identifiying logo, but it renovates the style, the colour and the claim, all elements that reinforce the Brand Identity. The logo revokes the colours of the Mercafir products, with a touch of freshness and charming shades. Maitaining the original logo, by changing just the colours, is perfectly in harmony with the current activity of Mercafir: work but always remain loyal to yourself, to your traditions and to your strengths, with a look towards the future and a look of opening towards the external environment and the new trends.